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Stotra Nidhi Mobile App

Latest version: 8.6 (Released on 12-Dec-2023)

Languages included: Telugu, Sanskrit, English

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Stotra Nidhi mobile app has the devotional stotra texts of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) in Telugu, Sanskrit and English (IAST) languages, that are hosted on website. StoraNidhi is the ultimate mobile app for your devotional chanting. The app contains many stotras made by Adi Shankaracharya and many other great saints from India. The Stotra literature is important in understanding God and float in an unequated bliss. Use this app to chant powerful stotras and mantras in temples, devotional events as well as everyday at your home while doing puja.

Highlights :
+ Offline library of many stotras
+ Veda suktas with proper swaras marked
+ Save your favorite stotra
+ Change text size at 3-levels
+ Day mode (Black text on white background) and Night mode (White text on black background)
+ Language selection
+ Audio for selected Stotras (requires internet connection)
+ Works on Landscape orientation

Release History

15-Dec-2023 – v8.6
New section for Kalika. Added new Kali and Ayyappa stotras published on website. Navigation within favorites. Spelling Corrections in few stotras and namavalis.

1-Apr-2023 – v8.5
New section for Sudarshana. Added new Sudarshana stotras that are published on website.

25-Mar-2023 – v8.4
Added Narasimha stotras published on website. Spelling corrections.

20-Mar-2023 – v8.3
Spelling corrections in few ashtottara shatanamavalis. Fixed audio loading issue.

15-Mar-2023 – v8.2
Updated Visesha Tithulu in Telugu. New section for (Vishnu) Dasavatara stotras. Spelling corrections in few stotras and namavalis.

22-Dec-2022 – v8.1
Added new stotras in Durga, Dattatreya, Lakshmi, Bala, Varahi, Gayatri sections that are published on website. Changed names of few stotras in Lakshmi section according to the stotra text. Favorites may be updated to the new names. Spelling corrections in few stotras and namavalis.

30-Apr-2022 – v8.0
New sections for Nataraja, Shyamala, Varahi, Bala and Trishati namavalis. Added new stotras in Lalitha, Dasamahavidya sections that are published on website. Spelling corrections in few stotras and namavalis.

12-Apr-2022 – v7.19
Updated Visesha Tithulu in Telugu. Spelling corrections in few stotras and namavalis.

24-Dec-2021 – v7.18
Added new Subrahmanya stotras recently published on website. Spelling corrections in Shiva stotras and others.

07-Sep-2021 – v7.17
Added new Ganesha stotras recently published on the website. Added Ganapati Chaturavrutti Tarpanam in Puja Vidhanam section. New Dasamahavidya kavachams. Spelling corrections.

01-Jun-2021 – v7.16
Added Sri Shankaracharya main section and moved in stotras from Guru section. Added new stotras that are published on the website. Spelling corrections.

15-Apr-2021 – v7.15
Updated Visesha Tithis for Plava nama samvatsara. Added new stotras in Rama, Hanuman, Vishnu, Venkateshwara, Shiva sections that are published on the website. Corrected spelling mistakes in few stotras and namavalis.

20-Jan-2021 – v7.14
Puja Vidhis and Sandhya Vandanams are translated into Devanagari and English. Sahasranamavalis are moved into separate top section. Anushtanam heading is added on home screen.

7-Jan-2021 – v7.13
Added new stotras in Venkateshwara, Saraswati, Ayyappa, and other sections that are published on the website. Added Gadya Trayam in Vishnu section. Kanakadhara Stotram is swapped with Sringeri version(favorites to be updated). Corrected spelling mistakes in stotras, namavalis and veda suktams.

24-Sep-2020 – v7.12
Favorites list can be reordered. Added Pitru Stotram, Pitru Suktam, Narasimha Hridayam and Rahasya Trayam in Durga Saptashati. Updated Pitru Tarpanam with Karunya tarpanam.

13-Sep-2020 – v7.11
Added Shaivam and Guru main headings. Created sections for Dakshinamurthy and Raghavendra stotras. Added Dattatreya and Subrahmanya Sahasranama Stotras. Fixed broken links in Namavali. Fixed UI display issues for Android.

11-Sep-2020 – v7.10
Added Naga puja, Gakara Ganapati Ashtottaram & Sahasranamam, Batuka Bhairava Stotras, Surya Sahasranamam, and other recent stotras published on website. Corrected spelling mistakes in various stotras.

15-Aug-2020 – v7.9 – Minor fix.

13-Aug-2020 – v7.8
Added Nagadevata section. Srinivasa Vidya, Dakaradi Durga Sahasram, Krimi Samhara Suktams and other recent stotras published on website. Corrected spelling mistakes in various stotras.

26-Jun-2020 v7.7
Added Complete Manidweepa Varnanam (Devi Bhagavatam), VamsaVriddhikara Durga Stotram, Krishna Raghavendra and Garuda Kavachams, Shankaracharya Varyam, Srinivasa Taravali. Spelling corrections.

15-May-2020 – v7.6
Spelling corrections in Ganapathi, Vishnu, Lalitha Sahasranamams. Added Chakshushopanishat and more Guru (Sri Raghavendra) stotras. Fixed display issues.

10-May-2020 – v7.5
Corrected spelling mistakes. Added Nrusimha Stambodbhava stotram, Subrahmanya, Mrityunjaya, Krishna Aksharamalika stotras.

30-Apr-2020 – v7.4
Spelling and veda swara corrections. Added Shiva Gadyam, Hanuman Mala Mantra, Narasimha Puja, Saraswati Sahasranamam.

31-Mar-2020 – v7.3
Added Anna Suktam, Sri Rama Karnamrutam, Manasa Devi stotras and other new stotras. Updated calendar dates in Telugu. Spelling corrections and fixed display issues.

19-Feb-2020 – v7.2
Added Ganapati Talam, Indrakshi stotram, Hanuman Puja and other new stotras. Added 200+ Pravaras in Telugu Sandhyavandanam. Favorite icon is set back to star. Player icon will be automatically visible when new audio is published on the website, without the need for regular app updates. Spelling corrections.

07-Jan-2020 – v7.1
Added Tiruppavai, Kandar Shashti Kavacham, Shukla Yajurveda Sandhyavandanam. Fixed broken links. Fixed favorites missing issue. Added functionality to stop screen lock.

05-Jan-2020 – v7.0
Added 180+ stotras in Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu and other sections. Added audio in few Narasimha stotras (requires internet connection). Added Surya, Dattatreya, Hanuma sections. Reorganized home screen and grouped stotras in various screens. Upgraded Favorites functionality. Spelling corrections.

31-Oct-2019 – v6.5
Added Veda Sukta, Sandhyavandanam sections in Hindi and English. Fixed Android issue.

26-Oct-2019 – v6.4
Added more stotras in Sri Narasimha, Sri Krishna, Devi, Vishnu, Guru sections. Fixed iPhone display issues. Spelling corrections.

10-Aug-2019 – v6.3
Added Visesha Tithulu section in Telugu. Spelling corrections and few other new stotras.

22-Jun-2019 – v6.2
Added more Narasimha and Hari stotras. Krishna, Gayatri sahasranama stotras. Sita and Veda Vyasa Ashtottaram. Spelling corrections and few other new stotras.

20-Jun-2019 – v6.1
Spelling corrections and more stotras.

15-Jun-2019 – v6.0
Added Hindi and English languages. Spelling corrections and more stotras.

28-Feb-2019 – v5.4
Added Sri Lakshmi Kubera Puja, Sri Raama puja, Taittiriya Upanishat, Marakatha Ganapati Suprabhatam. Spelling and swara corrections.

27-Jan-2019 – v5.3
Added Mahanyasam, GuruGita, Nakshatra Suktam. Spelling corrections and added more stotras.

07-Nov-2018 – v5.2
Added Karthika Damodara puja, Karthika snana vidhi, Parameshwara Seegra Puja. Corrected Satarudreeyam content. Spelling corrections and added more stotras.

30-Oct-2018 – v5.1
Corrected spelling mistakes. Added code to check newer versions of app.

10-Oct-2018 – v5.0
Added MahaNarayana Upanishad. Added Kedareshwara, AnantaPadmanabha Swamy, Saraswathi vrathamulu. Added Ayyappa,Tulasi,Saibaba Pujavidhanalu. Added Sri Rama, Hanuma Sahasranama stotras. Added share icons at the bottom. Removed orientation restriction in Veda Suktamulu section. Separate section for Sandhyavandanam. Spelling corrections, fixed broken links and added more stotras.

31-May-2018 – v4.6
Renamed to Stotra Nidhi. Spelling corrections and more stotras.

06-Apr-2018 – v4.5
Added Manidweepa varnana, Aruna prashna, Saibaba stotras, navagraha stotras. Spelling corrections.

25-Dec-2017 – v4.4
Added Adi Shankaracharya Ashtottaram, Brahmasuktam, Siva kavacham etc. Spelling corrections.

15-Dec-2017 – v4.3
Added Sarpa suktam, Subrahmanya Sahasranamavali. More stotras and spelling corrections.

27-Sep-2017 -v4.2
Added Satyanarayana Vratham. More stotras and spelling corrections.

04-Sep-2017 – v4.1
Saibaba and Vrathamulu sections. More stotras and spelling corrections.

25-Jul-2017 – v4.0
New logo & search functionality in top menu. Vinayaka, Varalakshmi Vratakalpalu in Puja Vidhanam. Navagraha Ashtottara Satanamavali. Harathi (mangalam) Songs in Keerthanalu section. Scroll to top button on all screens. More stotras and spelling corrections.

15-May-2017 – v3.1
Keertanalu section. Spelling corrections. More stotras

05-Feb-2017 – v3.0
Ayyappa, Dasa maha vidyalu and Narasimha stotras sections are added. Added 7 more Puja vidhanamulu along with introduction. Added more stotras. Added Favorites (Ishtamainavi) functionality. Font size and night mode will be saved for all screens

07-Dec-2016 – v2.1
Sri Gayatri, Guru stotras and Ashtottaralu section. Sanusvara Prasna and Ratri Suktam are added. Back button in all screens. Added nightmode. More stotras.

16-Apr-2016 – v2.0
Updated UI. Vedasuktamulu and Puja vidhanamu. Anubandhamu section. More stotras.

22-Feb-2015 – v1.0
– First version

గమనిక: మా రెండు పుస్తకాలు - "నవగ్రహ స్తోత్రనిధి" మరియు "శ్రీ సూర్య స్తోత్రనిధి", విడుదల చేశాము. కొనుగోలుకు ఇప్పుడు అందుబాటులో ఉన్నాయి.

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