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About stotranidhi.com

Stotra Nidhi is a repository of popular stotras, pujas and vedic hymns. stotranidhi.com has hindu devotional texts in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English languages. All the four languages have unicode alphabets, which means that the text can be read on many devices manufactured in the last decade. IAST (International Alphabet for Sanskrit Transliteration) is used in English language. This helps readers to properly spell the sounds of alphabets, as spoken in Sanskrit, as accurate as possible. You can learn about IAST from Wikipedia. Hindi (Devanagari) and English texts are available with vedic swaras wherever required.

Note: Stotranidhi is available in digital format ONLY. This is required for us to easily push the spelling corrections of mistakes that we notice. So printing/PDF export is not supported. If you need an offline copy for your daily usage, please use Stotra Nidhi mobile app.

About Stotra Nidhi logo

The talapatras are the symbol for our vedic, stotra and other ancient literature, which our great rishis and gurus were maintaining and transferring to others. Studying them will improve our knowledge (gyanam) and make it shine like gradually rising sun. But we should not be arrogant with that knowledge and we should always bend to the supreme god. This is shown by chinmudra. The mala to that hand means that we have to repeat chanting them, to feel the bliss.

About Stotra Nidhi Mobile App

StoraNidhi is the ultimate mobile app for your devotional chanting. This has all stotra texts in Telugu, Hindi (Devanagari) and English (IAST) languages that are published on stotranidhi.com website. The app contains many stotras made by Adi Shankaracharya and many other great saints. The Stotra literature is important in understanding God and float in an unequated bliss.

Use this app to chant powerful stotras and mantras in temples, devotional events as well as everyday at your home while doing puja.

+ Offline library of many stotras
+ Veda suktas with proper swaras marked
+ Save your favorite stotra
+ Change text size at 3-levels
+ Day mode (Black text on white background) and Night mode (White text on black background)
+ Language selection
+ Works on Landscape orientation

Download “Stotra Nidhi” mobile app from App Store and Play Store.

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