Sri Rudram – Chamakam – శ్రీ రుద్రప్రశ్నః – చమకప్రశ్నః

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  1. Ramamohan Venkata Turlapati అంటున్నారు:

    Thank you for your great service .
    Where is this location ?
    If possible , is it possible to break down the words ( tika taatparyam ) to some very important Slovaks ?
    It will be very useful for those who have interest in learning and practicing our traditions.
    ( as it is herd : Gurus not passed on the information to the students or followers ( but the paradox is : as my teacher used to say we ( students ) are ( vidya –anarddhikulu )
    Once again , I pray Goddess :for providing all these resources .
    Sirasa namami.


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