Sri Hanuman Langoolastra stotram – శ్రీ హనుమాల్లాంగూలాస్త్ర స్తోత్రం

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11 వ్యాఖ్యలు

  1. srinivaas parsy అంటున్నారు:

    Beutifull stotras.thankyou.

  2. PAVAN అంటున్నారు:

    Thank you very much for publishing this

  3. Srinivasa అంటున్నారు:

    Very Powerful Stotram

  4. saijagannath అంటున్నారు:

    every problems sloved Powerful Stotram

  5. CHANDRA SEKHAR SARMA అంటున్నారు:

    Excellent Stotras and mantras of all God’s and Goddess in your website. All are very much useful for life and you have covered almost all. Great job done by you.

  6. Srinivasareddy అంటున్నారు:

    Amazing work. Well done.
    Siva thandava stotra not find? Please upload. . Thank you so much.

  7. Srikanth అంటున్నారు:

    The only great thing i found is “No Mistakes or Errors”. That is really admirable because Sanskrit is a complex and great language which gives different meanings for slight spelling mistake.

    Thank you Srikanth Garu. Jai ShivaShakti

  8. anand kumar reddy అంటున్నారు:

    Sir, Anjaneya Sahasranama stotram not available. Consider to upload.


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